Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've been shot ... and barely felt a thing

I'll admit it. Every once in a great while, I Google myself.

What can I say, I like Googling myself. It's fun. Yet just now, after Googling myself, I'm a little disturbed to learn that I was apparently mistaken for a wild turkey (the animal, not the whiskey) and shot in Arizona.

I hope that I'm recovering well by now. And, can you believe it, it wasn't Dick Cheney who pulled the trigger. It was my own hunting buddy. Needless to say, I can't wait to go hunting for wild boars with him someday. Now that I think about it, his butt looks an awful lot like a pig to me.

Anyway, here's what I'm talking about , as reported by in April, which I discovered by simply Googling myself. And, yes, I did feel at liberty to add some editorial comments of my own.

Hunter Shot On Opening Day Of Turkey Season

Brian Hedger was shot while hunting turkey on the opening day of turkey season for unit 23.

Mr. Hedger received numerous shotgun pellets to the left side of his body and face. None of the wounds were life threatening. Mr. Hedger and another hunter identified as Stephen Katich were hunting on a ridge in the area of Forest Road 109 early this morning when Mr. Katich shot what he thought was a turkey and struck Mr. Hedger on the left side of his body.

Mr. Hedger called out that he had been shot (actually, I believe the exact thing I said was, "Bleeeeeeep! Oh bleeep! They got me! I'm hit! Medic!! Medic!! Call in an air raid! Give 'em our coordinates! Oh God!") and Mr. Katich immediately went over to render aid.

Mr. Katich assisted Mr. Hedger out to his vehicle where Mr. Hedger called 911 to report what happened and started driving himself toward Payson for medical treatment. The 911 call came into the Gila County Sheriff’s Office, who asked for assistance from Coconino County to help locate the subject.

Arizona Game and Fish was also advised of what occurred and they also dispatched two officers. Mr. Hedger met with Forest Lakes Fire at the intersection of forest road 512 and Highway 260.

Gila County Deputies along with Forest Service Law Enforcement and Game and Fish arrived a few minutes after Mr. Hedger arrived at Highway 260. Mr. Hedger was transported to Payson Regional Medical Center for treatment while Deputies waited for the arrival of Mr. Katich. (Apparently no air raid was called in)

Mr. Katich was interviewed and explained what happened ("Uh, I thought he was a big turkey!") which matched what the victim said ("The moron thought I was a big turkey and shot me!").

Mr. Katich then drove to Payson to check on the condition of Mr. Hedger. The investigation is continuing and no determination has been made if charges will be filed.

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